About Founder

T. Nicole Founder Tequilla Nicole


I am the creative director and founder of T. Nicole. I am the connoisseur of high quality, luxury fashion wares, and I enjoy a great designer statement piece. My love for fashion began decades ago when my knack for stylish coordination and beautiful things collided.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve redesigned handbags, clothes, and accessories to make them more stylish. I adore simple and elegant fashion. Every shopping trip becomes a moment of joy for me as I touch delicate raw silk sheaths and quality leather handbags. The price tag doesn’t always bring me joy though.
The cost of quality goods, though available to me through hard work, doesn’t seem feasible for everyone, and I want to change that. I truly believe everyone deserves the ability to experience quality, luxury in life.
My company, T. Nicole, offers quality and luxury in the form of beautifully designed and crafted handbags for every lifestyle.